Christmas Gift - Part Two

For Christmas, I had a really hard time figuring out what to give my children. In the years past, we have given them three gifts under the tree, plus a stocking full of unique and fun items.

But last month, I was stuck! What do you get for a 20 year old young man and a 15 year old young lady who even had a really hard time giving me a list of what they wanted for Christmas!

Then, by a strike of luck, I came up with an idea!!

My daughter has taken an interest in art and she loves superheroes. My son has taken an interest in soccer, especially since we watched quite a few games of the World Cup last summer.

So...for my daughter, we purchased quite a few art supplies and I was able to find a Heroes and Villains art exhibit at a local museum which is running through this month. Perfect! And for my son, he received a new (proper size!) soccer ball and cones with the promise of going to a soccer game some time this year.

Heroes and Villains exhibit

Today, as a family, we were able to visit the art exhibit. The bummer was, no photography was allowed of the exhibit. But my daughter really enjoyed this extra part of her Christmas gift. Makes me want to start thinking of ideas like this for next Christmas!