Kickstart to Clutter Free - Day 13

After being under the weather for about a week, I finally had a chance to get back on track with Kathi's Kickstart to Clutter Free challenge. Today's task...eliminate 25 items from your car.

Kickstart to Clutter Free car

Front seat...yep, my empty Jamba Juice cup that was basically my lunch yesterday after a meeting out of town.

Kickstart to Clutter Free car

Back seat...a full trash container and a couple of water bottles.

But on closer inspection, once I looked in the glove compartment, the door pouches, the seat pockets, and the middle console, I was amazed at what I found in my car.

Kickstart to Clutter Free car

Pens, buttons, old paperwork, a power cord that we don't need, an old magazine, extra CDs, card games we don't use any more...I even found someone's missing pair of socks!

I was quickly able to go through what needed to be thrown away, put away, and set aside to give away.

And the exciting thing about completing today's task...I only have one more day to complete on this challenge, which means I have eliminated over 475 items from my home!