Our Homeschool Plan...for this year

Long gone are the days around here where a lot of our homeschool days were spent on the couch, reading chapter books, learning Bible lessons, and discovering bits of history together.

chapter books

With one homeschool graduate out traveling the country in his new job, there are just two of us home during the day. As much as I would love to spend time with her 'doing school together', she is bit independent and prefers to do her schoolwork on her own.

Since the last few weeks were a bit busy, we are only on our second week of homeschooling (the perks of private homeschooling in our state!). We sat down last week and 'planned' out the year and put together our Course of Study (one of the requirements for our state).

Course of Study

So what grade level are we doing? We always get asked this question while out and about. To be honest...I am not really sure!

My daughter is in high school, but I am not too concerned about assigning a grade level. We have already talked about some of the expectations we have for her to finish high school, but at this point, we really don't have an end date in mind.

Our plan is to tackle each year as it comes and evaluate whether she has finished enough work to complete her high school education. This gives us a bit of freedom to refocus as she learns and discovers new things that are interesting to her.

Curriculum for this year

It seems so strange to me to be at this end of our homeschooling journey. I know we have a couple of years left, but as I look back, it is amazing how very quickly the time has passed by.

So my advice to new and young homeschool moms just starting out?

Enjoy the time you have, create fun learning opportunities, take time for day trips, and spend lots of time reading aloud to your kids. You won't regret it!

Our Homeschool Plan

We are nearing the end of August, and most of the kids in our area have already started back to school. Some even started at the beginning of this month! Yikes!

We have been homeschooling since 1999, and because we file our own private school affidavit, we schedule our own school schedule, which works really well for us. This means we won't be starting school until September. And since I only have one student at home now, and she is doing high school work, she is doing most of her work independently.

homeschool books

As you can see, we have quite a full year planned! Here is the list of what she will be studying:

We plan to break up some of our studies with making scones and enjoying lots of British TV over the upcoming school year. Seems appropriate doesn't it? We can even count some of the scone making lessons as Home Ec!

What are your plans for your upcoming school year?